Thousand Lands

Wilaver Saves the day

Session 1 - PC Log

So we’re out on our expedition and we come across this proper weirdo, dressed up like he’s some sort of hunter when really he’s just a chancer who happened to get lucky digging pits and happening to catch a couple of dire wolves.

Of course I knew there was something wrong with him from the beginning, just couldn’t put my finger on it.

Anyway I digress, so this fool had lucked across a dire wolf in one of his traps and decided to cook it in the same area, you should have seen his face when he realised that the rest of the wolf pack had come to return the favour.

3 of the biggest meanest creatures you ever seen, had us surrounded they had. I’d gotten separated from the group and one was coming right at me, the others were all together and had two approaching them. Before we knew what had happened 3 of the Cleric’s “Mercenaries” had been killed as well as the fool himself.

What did i do you ask, well let me tell you. I looked that big brute directly in the eyes and I hit him with my Ice Bolt, right on the top of his nose. He didn’t like that, not one bit. He put his tail between his legs and scarpered.

Then I helped the other dispatch their wolves. Close thing it was too, not sure we’d have survived at all if I’d not sent that first brute packing.

Two more ales, barkeep one for me and one for my friend Markin Crowcatcherhere


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Wilaver Saves the day
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