Markin Crowcatcher

A journeyman arcana scribe who collects magical writings.


Markin is a young man who wears battered leather travelling clothes (although he seldom ventures beyond the Last City), a minor magical talent, most of his time is spent studying the magical writings that he has managed to collect.

At all times Markin is accompanied by his crow familiar Arabicus.


Markin is descended from the Nordlander tribes and is a follower of the nordic pantheon of immortals. Obsessed with ancient magical writing Markin believes that the error made by the Sorceror Kings was that they did not fully account for the corrupting power that their magical war caused. He believes that if enough knowledge could be accumulated then the world could be remade as a paradise for all people.

Markin is will to provide minor scrolls and allow people to copy spells from him in return for magics discovered outside the city.

Markin Crowcatcher

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