Sigve Lokken

Captain of the Last City Guard.


Sigve is a tall woman, often seen wearing plate armour and furs as she strides around the city ensuring to it’s safety. Despite the magical protections keeping monsters out of the Last City there are always human dangers and conflicts that require dealing with.

SIgve has an eye-patch covering an eye that she lost to a Dire Wolf when training to assume her roll as Captain, however she survived and now wears the wolf pelt around her shoulders.

She is absolutely dedicated to the protection of the city.


Sigve grew up in the last city but—as a descendant of the Nordlander tribes and a follow of their fatalistic pantheon—she was raised to believe that the magical protections around the city could fail at some point and that people needed to be prepared. Although many see the Guard as unnecessary and a bit of a joke, Sigve knows they will be needed in the coming days and relentless drills her troops to keep them in peak condition.

Sigve Lokken

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