Thousand Lands

Into the Hills

A Poem

“Go scout ahead,” they all said,"
Thanks to them I nearly ended up dead.
Some maniac came near,
With a knife made of deer,
But turns out he was just a bit scared.

The hunter gave us food and more,
But that didn’t change what I saw.
He really was dumb,
Didn’t think of the mums
Of the dire wolves he’d skinned just before.

The priest was a cowardly swine,
But that made the killings all mine.
They were stabbed in the back,
And their blood ran all black,
Meanwhile Semsen just watched from behind.

Wilaver wanted to take the glory,
But that’s not the crux of the story.
He stood far away,
Casting spells whilst at bay,
Couldn’t take it all being so gory.

Then back to the city we went,
It was pretty tame on our descent.
With gemstone in hand,
To the tavern I swanned,
It’s a great place I often frequent.

But Silas had lost all his shit,
And thinks I’m the one to take the hit!
Guess I should help an old friend,
But it really depends
If his blades are as dull as his wit!


reddicediaries The_Rogue_DM

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