Thousand Lands

The Book of Going Forth to the Wastelands, part 1

Being A Scroll Composed by Semsen of the Last City

The great Breaking of the World has cast All-That-Is into the dust. The Glorious Ones that watched over our ancestors are as sand, and so, Sutekh is dead-but-not-deceased. And yet; Sutekh is the spirit upon the wild, unwelcoming and forgotten places of the world. Sutekh is the wanderer in the Wastelands, casting down Great Beasts to safeguard civilization.

Glorious Ones such as Sutekh do not know true death, and so; the spirit of Sutekh is in each of us as we struggle against the tide of destruction. It is not enough to guard walls; if the world is to survive this ordeal, we must walk the Path into the Red Desert; enter the Wasteland in the footsteps of Great Sutekh, and cast down the Beasts to take rule of the wastes from them.

The spirit of Sutekh is restless within us and so; the boundary of the Wastelands shifts as the sands of the Red Desert. Ever must the Beasts be driven back, to the edge of the world and beyond, to stranger Wastelands.

The Path begins; I have joined with those embodying the spirit of Great Sutekh and set out from the Last City. Know them by their names; Silas, Copper and Wilaver. There is word of stargazers of peculiar wisdom in the mountains. The foothills of the mountains hide many caves and monstrous wolves, who are now cast down, though doubtless there are more. The hills will be a fine settlement, with natural habitation and shelter until the City can reach out with its artisans to build structures. Hunting is good there.

We return to the City, victorious and carrying the pelts of beasts. A fortuitous beginning; the shadow is cast by the City itself as one amongst us is preyed upon by our fellows. I yearn for the Wastelands, where such behaviour is absent, and the struggle unites the Many into One, in purpose and act. Where one chooses to act like a Beast, one should be treated as one. We hunt now in the City.


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