Thousand Lands

Into the Hills
A Poem

“Go scout ahead,” they all said,"
Thanks to them I nearly ended up dead.
Some maniac came near,
With a knife made of deer,
But turns out he was just a bit scared.

The hunter gave us food and more,
But that didn’t change what I saw.
He really was dumb,
Didn’t think of the mums
Of the dire wolves he’d skinned just before.

The priest was a cowardly swine,
But that made the killings all mine.
They were stabbed in the back,
And their blood ran all black,
Meanwhile Semsen just watched from behind.

Wilaver wanted to take the glory,
But that’s not the crux of the story.
He stood far away,
Casting spells whilst at bay,
Couldn’t take it all being so gory.

Then back to the city we went,
It was pretty tame on our descent.
With gemstone in hand,
To the tavern I swanned,
It’s a great place I often frequent.

But Silas had lost all his shit,
And thinks I’m the one to take the hit!
Guess I should help an old friend,
But it really depends
If his blades are as dull as his wit!

Silus Pestle Ramblings

Silus Pestle
Bollocks to it, this is the last time I get caught by those thieving toe rags. I’m gonna sort myself out a stash, somewhere for the rainy day money, I ain’t risking my arse just to get turned over by a mob of wasters, still we’ll learn ‘em good and proper. I’ll get myself a big ol’ bearskin or something now we’re getting some monster hunting done, I won’t get all this crap then, they won’t mess with me no more. Give em a good pasting so they can piss off and tell all their mates.

Wilaver Saves the day
Session 1 - PC Log

So we’re out on our expedition and we come across this proper weirdo, dressed up like he’s some sort of hunter when really he’s just a chancer who happened to get lucky digging pits and happening to catch a couple of dire wolves.

Of course I knew there was something wrong with him from the beginning, just couldn’t put my finger on it.

Anyway I digress, so this fool had lucked across a dire wolf in one of his traps and decided to cook it in the same area, you should have seen his face when he realised that the rest of the wolf pack had come to return the favour.

3 of the biggest meanest creatures you ever seen, had us surrounded they had. I’d gotten separated from the group and one was coming right at me, the others were all together and had two approaching them. Before we knew what had happened 3 of the Cleric’s “Mercenaries” had been killed as well as the fool himself.

What did i do you ask, well let me tell you. I looked that big brute directly in the eyes and I hit him with my Ice Bolt, right on the top of his nose. He didn’t like that, not one bit. He put his tail between his legs and scarpered.

Then I helped the other dispatch their wolves. Close thing it was too, not sure we’d have survived at all if I’d not sent that first brute packing.

Two more ales, barkeep one for me and one for my friend Markin Crowcatcherhere

The Book of Going Forth to the Wastelands, part 1
Being A Scroll Composed by Semsen of the Last City

The great Breaking of the World has cast All-That-Is into the dust. The Glorious Ones that watched over our ancestors are as sand, and so, Sutekh is dead-but-not-deceased. And yet; Sutekh is the spirit upon the wild, unwelcoming and forgotten places of the world. Sutekh is the wanderer in the Wastelands, casting down Great Beasts to safeguard civilization.

Glorious Ones such as Sutekh do not know true death, and so; the spirit of Sutekh is in each of us as we struggle against the tide of destruction. It is not enough to guard walls; if the world is to survive this ordeal, we must walk the Path into the Red Desert; enter the Wasteland in the footsteps of Great Sutekh, and cast down the Beasts to take rule of the wastes from them.

The spirit of Sutekh is restless within us and so; the boundary of the Wastelands shifts as the sands of the Red Desert. Ever must the Beasts be driven back, to the edge of the world and beyond, to stranger Wastelands.

The Path begins; I have joined with those embodying the spirit of Great Sutekh and set out from the Last City. Know them by their names; Silas, Copper and Wilaver. There is word of stargazers of peculiar wisdom in the mountains. The foothills of the mountains hide many caves and monstrous wolves, who are now cast down, though doubtless there are more. The hills will be a fine settlement, with natural habitation and shelter until the City can reach out with its artisans to build structures. Hunting is good there.

We return to the City, victorious and carrying the pelts of beasts. A fortuitous beginning; the shadow is cast by the City itself as one amongst us is preyed upon by our fellows. I yearn for the Wastelands, where such behaviour is absent, and the struggle unites the Many into One, in purpose and act. Where one chooses to act like a Beast, one should be treated as one. We hunt now in the City.

Session 1

The weather was heavy and stormy, the ground hard with the frosts of winter as a small group set out from the Last City. The party has heard all sorts of rumours about the dangers of the Orcblood Forest to the north and so headed east for to the Darkling Hills.

Semsen had heard a rumour that a sect of religious worshippers made their home in the Silver Peaks to the north. According to rumour they spent their time studying the stars and charting the movements of celestial bodies.

After travelling for about six miles—leaving behind the scattered trees clinging to the hills—they moved into the Darkling Hills proper, discovering numerous caves and various small animals.

Copper spotted smoke from over a rise and—sneaking nearer—he discovered a campfire, where a man was roasting a huge wolf and busily removing it’s pelt. Semsen attempted to approach but startled the man, who threw a dagger at him.

Eventually cooler heads prevailed and the man introduced himself as Yohan, a man who made his money by hunting outside the city walls and then trading his goods back in the city, he offered them food and spots by his fire as recompense for his hasty actions earlier.

As they rested Copper heard something moving through the undergrowth towards them and spotted three more of the huge wolves circling them, creeping through the brush. One of the creatures leapt at Semsen, injuring him, whilst the rest of his comrades and Yohan rushed to drive them away.

During the bloody conflict, three of the peasants (Anastasia, Eli and Robert) that Semsen had hired to accompany him were torn to pieces by the wolves and—as the second wolf joined the fray—Yohan was also felled. Eventually they were able to kill the two wolves and drive off the third, although the price paid had been steep.

Searching the area they skinned the two wolves and took the pelt from the one Yohan hand skinned (after all he’d told them he got 10GP per skin back at the city), they also found four small gemstones in a pouch on Yohan’s belt. Copper reckoned that each would be worth about 50GP back at the Last City.

Returning to the city most of the group used a small amount of their money to book themselves meagre lodgings, whilst Semsen stayed at the local shrine of Sutekh. Unwilling to spend the money Silus slept on the streets where he was accosted a robbed by a group of thieves, leaving him with only his armour; he told Copper about this as his comrade commiserated over a few drinks and they began to formulate a plan to track down the thieves.


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